About The Mouse

Who is the Mouse?

The mouse is actually a mousy couple from the Midwest who have been married for 26+ years. We have backgrounds and passions for photography, graphic design, and pretty much anything in the realm of visual artistry. We have a huge extended family, and a multitude of furbabies that keep us inspired, and drive a good portion of our creative endeavors.

We started showing, and selling photos, prints, and products from our photography adventures under the Unfocussed Photography brand several years ago. Sometimes we like to relax and escape reality by dabbling with many different artistic techniques. This has allowed us to share our creativity and signature styles. Often, much of what we created was simply just to share and post with friends on Social Media, etc. Every now and then somebody would mention wanting it on a mouse pad, t-shirt, or something else.

But for us, it felt like entwining the digital designs with our photo gallery under a 'single roof' was not the direction we wanted to go, so we had a bit of a conundrum. We had the Mouse Humper domain name in our catalog for a decade but never really found a use for it that felt right, I just liked it, so we kept ahold of it.

Long story short, that is how The Mouse became its own. A place to display our digital artistry and other concepts that need a place to call home.

If you have seen something posted by us elsewhere, and need it on some merch, or have a custom request, be sure to let us know.