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Eternal Autumn's Gaze Bookmark

Eternal Autumn's Gaze Bookmark

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This bookmark captures the mystical essence of autumn through the masterful interplay of colors and patterns. Swirls of burnt orange, deep amber, and golden yellow wrap around a compelling central eye, which seems to watch over the changing seasons with wise, silent acknowledgement. The rich, warm hues evoke a feeling of coziness and reflection, making it the perfect companion for your fall-themed literary adventures. Whether nestled between the pages of a beloved classic or a new, uncharted story, "Eternal Autumn's Gaze" serves as a constant reminder of the beauty and depth of transformation, inviting you to ponder the fleeting nature of time while ensconced in your reading nook.

.: Aluminum base and white front side
.: Features a slot at the top to hold a book's page
.: The ideal gift for an avid reader
.: NB! When adding design, be sure keep key parts away from the U-shaped slot to avoid missing elements
.: Assembled in the USA from globally sourced parts

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