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Panther's Palette Acrylic Serving Tray

Panther's Palette Acrylic Serving Tray

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Elevate your serving experience with the "Panther's Palette" Acrylic Serving Tray, a functional masterpiece that seamlessly merges art and utility. Measuring 11 x 17 inches, this tray boasts a breathtaking image capturing the dynamic charge of a powerful black panther amidst a mesmerizing explosion of radiant, swirling colors. Crafted with precision and printed in high definition, the image on this tray showcases the intense vibrancy and energy of the panther's movement against a backdrop of fractal, mandala, and mandelbrot-inspired patterns. The sleek ebony fur of the panther glistens with a lustrous sheen, creating a striking contrast against the kaleidoscope of luminous hues that dance across the surface.

Add a custom character to any business or home with a personalized serving tray. This personalized photo serving tray is assembled in the USA and comes in an 11" x 17" size. Your ideas are printed on a high-quality, laminated artwork insert that goes into the tray's base. Lastly, this personalized serving tray with handles is easy to carry and is great for both home and professional use.

.: One size (11″ × 17″) (27.9cm × 43.2cm)
.: Laminated artwork insert
.: NB! Design is printed on a white-base insert
.: Assembled in the USA from globally sourced parts

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